Outreach 2022

Updated 22 Jan 2022 – page managed by Gary Wegener

Outreach resources: 

            Rotary Intn’l background on RYLA (Camp Royal is our RYLA)

           Camp Royal video

Video tour of the Grizzly Creek camp facilities

           Camper comments on camp royal 2021

          Gearing Up for Student Summer Camps by Kaitlyn Yergenson

sample club outreach ltr to school soliciting assistance in finding applicants  (Contact gwegener4098@gmail.com to get school or club contact info added)

generic outreach poster 

GenericCamp RYLA camper-application (club discretion to use)

Tailored applications for club use (call Registrar for assistance):

Pinole camper-application for Camp Royal

Brentwood camper-application for Camp Royal