Registration for Rotary Clubs 2025

  • Slot reservations will open November 1, 2024.
    1. As in the past, we limit each Rotary club to 2 slots until Feb 15th.
    2. Clubs are responsible for the $1150 cost per camper; that is due within 2 weeks of reserving your slot.  It is non-refundable, but clubs having trouble filling their slots can often find potential campers from other clubs that have extra qualified applicants.  We will try to facilitate that process (contact the Registrar if you need assistance filling your slots, or wish to fund a slot for a club that can’t). Here is the link for resserving slots for your club ( )
    3. The reservation confirmation email has the mailing address and who to make the check out to.  Payment is due within 2 weeks of slot reservations.
    4. Club chairs for Camp Royal will need to access the slot reservation form again in order to input the camper names and contact info, which is due not later than 1 May.
    5. After the camper contact information is entered on the DacDB reservation form, the camper will get an email with a link for online access, instructions for completing the registration process online, and an attachment with waiver forms that need to be signed and  mailed in.  Doctors physicals are no longer  required.  This online registration process must be completed by March31, 2025 at the latest.
  • Camper Application form. The selection process for selecting campers is strictly up to the individual Rotary clubs.  Some clubs have used the following letter and application  CR-2024-camper-application.  Here is a PDF flyer you may use with more Camp Royal information CR-2024-camper-flyer-pdf.   (If you end up with more highly qualified applicants than you can sponsor, you are encouraged to advise adjacent clubs and/or the Camp Royal Registrar.)
  • May Check in– Clubs should check in with their campers to make sure they are ready for the event (June 9-15, 2025) and ensure any questions are answered.  Bus pickup locations/times will come out ~the last week of May; insure they are clearly understood.

Lastly, if you have any registration/reservation questions, please contact  Marc Monachello, Registrar at or 916 752 3707.

updated 29 December 2022