Registration 2021 (Info for Rotary Clubs, updated 5 May 2021)

  1.  Changes this year: The 2021 Camp Royal is virtual due to the difficulties and uncertainties related to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The registration fee is only $300, and we will accept graduating seniors  in addition to juniors going into their senior year.  The event will be held from 9am to 2pm, June 14th thru 17th. There will be additional optional activities before and after the core period.   Because of covid, we will have a liberal refund policy this year.  We will refund the registration fee if (1) Camp Royal is cancelled for any reason; (2) the Club is unable to find enough campers; or (3) campers back out at the last minute.
  2. For Rotary Clubs Reserving camper slots: With the virtual format, we are able to remove the limits on the number of campers a club can sponsor.  To reserve slot(s),  click here if you have a DACdb login  (or click here if you need an ezLink.)   Clubs need to complete the slot reservation process by May 19th, which requires entering contact information for each camper.  To secure your reservation, payment should be mailed within 10 days of notification of your slot reservation.  If you have questions on reservations, please contact Gary Wegener, the Registrar, at or 530 908 4914.  For more information, visit our Camp Royal website at or email us at
  3. February thru April – Rotary Clubs select their campers.  The selection process is strictly up to the individual Rotary clubs.  Some clubs have used an application ( “pdf version” or “word.doc“)which helps to record contact information and assure parental buy-in.  If you have more applicants than slots, you may want to add a requirement for a short essay on “why I want to go to Camp Royal”.
  4. By May 19th at absolute latest – Clubs enter camper contact info in DACdb. Rotary Club contacts will use the same DACdb link (see para 2 above) you used for reserving slots.  Click on your link, and then “modify your registration”.  You need to input the Camper’s name, email, and a  phone number (home or cell phone).
  5. April – online registration must be complete by the May 26th.
    Once we get your camper’s contact info, the Registrar will send your camper a link for the online registration that must be completed by May 26th.   Parents of campers will also receive the DocuSign releases, which must also be completed and returned.  The camper and the club contact will get a confirmation email once registration is completed.
  6. May 2021 – Clubs should check with their ‘campers’ to make sure they are ready for the event and ensure any questions are answered.
  7. Campers will get a ‘camp packet’ the first week of June, with the Zoom login link and other material.
  8. June 14th, 2021 enjoy virtually every aspect of Camp Royal  🙂

Lastly, if you have any questions that aren’t addressed in this Camp Royal website ( please email

Camp Royal committee members: or                           Cole Felt, Camp Royal Chair –  for general program inquiries
Gary Wegener, Registrar 530 908 4914/
Kelly Nickel, Club Liaison – Program and contact regarding local club presentations            Molly Coito,