“Camp” behavior 2022

Last updated 28 April 2022 by Gary Wegener

Standards of Conduct  Campers are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that brings credit to the camper, the camper’s school, the sponsoring Rotary Club, and the camper’s family.  Adherence to your school’s code of conduct, including guidelines for safe online communications, specifically including social media, is expected.

Campers are  to wear the Camp Royal T-shirts provided at all times. This is a team building requirement. A Camp Royal sweatshirt is also provided.

Attendance is expected at all scheduled camp sessions.

Transportation to and from camp by chartered bus; no exceptions.

Illicit drug or alcohol use may result in termination of campers participation, and transportation home at the parent’s expense.

No smoking.

Boys not allowed in girls cabins and vice versa. (camp behavior)

No food in cabins (bear country)

No nuts or products containing nuts allowed in camp.

Don’t remove animals or plants or any natural feature from camp.

If you have any concerns about inappropriate behavior on the part of any fellow campers or staff, we expect you to feel obligated to report it to the camp director.  Camp staff (counselors and presenters) have had youth protection training, and will uphold the highest standards of professionalism.  Any reports of inappropriate behavior will be dealt with confidentially and expeditiously.

We believe you will have a wonderful experience at Camp Royal