Camp Behavior 2019

Camp Royal is all about Leaders and Leadership. Campers are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that brings credit to the camper, the camper’s school, the sponsoring Rotary Club, and the camper’s family.

Smoking is strictly prohibited! This is the policy of the BAR 717 Camp Site and entirely appropriate due to summer fire hazards in the area.

All campers travel to and from camp on Rotary-sponsored transportation. Camp Royal starts and ends with the bus ride.

Campers will wear the Camp Royal T-shirts provided at all times (except during sports). This is a team building requirement. A Camp Royal sweatshirt is also provided.

LIGHTS OUT is at 11:00 p.m. each night, unless extended in advance by the Camp Director. LIGHTS OUT means that everyone is QUIET thereafter. Every day there is a full schedule and your full participation is required at every event.

Campers may not leave the immediate camp area without the prior permission of the Camp Director. This is a safety requirement. Attendance is required at all scheduled camp events.

All medications, whether prescribed or over the counter, must be fully identified on the container. The Camp Royal medical staff is responsible for all medications at camp.

Campers who do not behave appropriately will be subject to dismissal from camp and will be sent home at the parent’s expense.

We believe you will have a wonderful experience at Camp Royal