Prep Before Camp 2022

Congratulations on being chosen to attend Rotary International District 5160  Camp Royal, a Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) scholarship.

To ensure a happy and complete camping experience please read the information below carefully. We want you to be prepared for this busy and exciting six days. You have to organize a bit before your departure. The time you spend reading this information will be well spent and will make your week at Camp Royal more enjoyable.

Watch your e-mail for Camp Royal news. Orientations, bus schedule changes and other important info will be sent as we have it.

Bus schedules are published about 2 weeks before the start of camp. Schedules show both the pickup and return times.
To keep your family informed of delays to the published return time due to bus problems, they can call our emergency number (provided by e-mail) on Friday, the day of the return bus trip, only.  The buses are fully equipped lounge buses with all conveniences. The buses will be at capacity; do not bring unnecessary items, as this will make the bus trip uncomfortable for everyone.

Camp Activity You will be busy at Camp Royal.  At the higher altitude, hill climbing and outdoor living really gets you tuckered out. The day begins with with Camp Counsel, then lunch, keynote speaker, break, lunch, major activity, time-off, dinner, after dinner event, then, skits or campfire… BUSY! The food is great, plentiful and all home cooked.

Mark your clothing with waterproof maker pens. Also mark all items in some way, for identification. Same for your luggage so you to distinguish it from similar items.  Ditto for black plastic trash bags used for dirty clothing or sleeping bags, so they will not be mistaken for trash!

Please – no radios or media players. You won’t believe how wonderful nature sounds all by itself.

Mother Nature calls the shots – Remember that this is an outdoor experience. (sun/rain/hot/cold)

We are looking forward to seeing you at camp!