Decision to go virtual…2021

Covid-19 impacts: going virtual.  The June 2021 Camp Royal will be virtual instead of an in-person event.  Despite the vaccine rollout, there are too many uncertainties regarding the supply of vaccines, the vaccination program itself, virus mutations and increased transmission rates.  This is reflected in continuing peaks of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. 

To host an in-person camp, we would need a contingency plan for dealing with a covid outbreak in camp, remote as that possibility might be.  That has proven too problematic to develop.  Even if that weren’t an issue, we could easily have students backing out at the last minute if pandemic metrics passed parents’ comfort levels.  Regrettably, this  has lead the district Camp Royal committee to shift to a virtual camp for 2021.

We will keep this site updated as details become available on the structure of the program. but have opened the reservation process for those that may be anxious to get started.  We will have a very liberal refund policy this year, up until camp starts.